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Pregnancy Termination Specialist

The doctors at The Women’s Health Center in Fountain Valley, California provide pregnancy termination services for women from Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Pregnancy Termination Q & A

The Women's Health Center

What Is a Pregnancy Termination?

A termination is a medical procedure which results in stopping a pregnancy before birth. It is most commonly known as an abortion. Terminations can be conducted in a variety of ways and any particular method will be determined based on the number of weeks since conception.

Termination differs from a miscarriage. In miscarriage, the body ends the pregnancy without the assistance of medical services. Although medical help may be needed post miscarriage, it differs in definition from a termination.

Women who do not desire to be pregnant, or need to terminate the pregnancy due to medical complications should consider all of their options of termination. Depending on the duration of the pregnancy, certain options may no longer be available, however reliable information from a medical professional will allow a woman to have the greatest chance at an objective decision.

Though each individual woman is different, common situations that a woman may choose to have a termination may include health risk to mother or fetus, chances that a child will have a severe medical condition, and the individual situation of the mother before giving birth.


What Kinds of Procedures Terminate Pregnancy?

If early enough in the pregnancy, a medical abortion using pills will be conducted. If later than advised for a medical abortion, a surgical abortion will take place.


What is a Medical Abortion?

A medical abortion allows a woman to ingest drugs, either injected or taken orally. Any pregnancy nine weeks or earlier will likely be terminated in this manner. Medical providers will examine a woman to ensure that she is a candidate for medical abortion. This examination includes determination of actual pregnancy and determination of how long the gestation has come along.


What is a Surgical Abortion?

If a woman is too far along in her pregnancy, a surgical abortion is performed instead of a medical termination. This is most commonly known as a suction curettage. This is completed by removing the lining of the uterus through gentle suction of the uterus through a plastic tube. During seven to twelve weeks of pregnancy, this is quite safe and low risk. This procedure is done in an outpatient setting and will require the woman to be present for about four hours.

What if I'm out of state?

With the reversal of Roe v. Wade, we are devastated for women in states where safe abortion is not available. At the Women's Health Center, we are offering our services to out of state patients. We have fair cash prices for in office surgical abortions prior to 9 weeks. We recommend reaching out to Planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernardino County for medical abortion and surgical abortions beyond 9 weeks.  

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