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Pregnancy Specialist

The doctors at The Women’s Health Center in Fountain Valley, California provide expert pregnancy care and prenatal services to women from Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Pregnancy Q & A

The Women's Health Center

What Should I Look for in an Obstetrician?

The most important quality in an obstetrician is her ability to make your feel comfortable. This could mean patiently answering your questions and explaining the changes in your body and what to expect. It could mean that he or she has similar views as you on pregnancy related topics like natural childbirth, home births, pain treatment, interventions, etc. This decision is important as this physician will be your expert advisor and support throughout gestation. While women have babies every day, you want to feel that your doctor understands you and your needs and expectations. A more practical detail to consider is the hospital that you would like to deliver at if you wait to choose the hospital, and your doctor does not have practicing rights there, it may be awkward to change at the last minute.

What Does an Ultrasound Show During Pregnancy?

An ultrasound creates pictures of the fetus and uterus by using high-frequency sound waves to bounce off of the internal organs and create a topographical image. Also called a sonogram, the doctor uses it to monitor the fetal development and check for any problems or abnormalities that may occur during pregnancy. It is also an excellent tool to reveal the sex of the fetus if the parents want to know. Ultrasounds can also be used to:

  • Check the fetal heartbeat, gestational age, abnormalities or defects, and multiple pregnancies

  • Examine placenta, uterus, ovaries and cervix

  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy

  • Monitor the fetus growth and position

  • Monitor levels of amniotic fluids

  • Determine if the fetus is getting enough oxygen


How Can I Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy?

Maintaining your own health and well-being is the first step to a healthy pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet with a variety of healthy foods. You may experience increased appetites or strange food cravings, but eating for two is a myth. Your caloric intake only needs to increase by around 100-150 calories a day. Prenatal vitamins can help to ensure that you and your baby have all of the nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy development. Regular exercise will keep you strong and supple throughout pregnancy and help you with the delivery. Smoking, drinking alcohol and substance abuse are all known to have detrimental effects on the health and development of fetuses. Prescription medications and over the counter medications should be taken with care and under a physician’s advice. Your doctor will be able to give you advice and support to maintain healthy habits throughout your pregnancy.

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