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Pediatric Gynecology Specialist

The doctors at The Women’s Health Center in Fountain Valley, California, provide gynecological services to women of all ages including girls and adolescents. Adolescent gynecology is important to help young women from throughout Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area to understand their bodies and their health.

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Pediatric Gynecology Q & A

The Women's Health Center

Why Would an Adolescent Need a Gynecologist?

As a young woman reaches puberty and adolescence, her body goes through many changes on its way to adulthood. The doctors at The Women’s Health Center help young women to understand their bodies and the many changes they are going through. In addition to helping young women understand their bodies, the doctors teach their young patients to learn how to care for their bodies, treat any conditions that may develop, and give advice on sexual health. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, girls should begin to see a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. Pap tests are not required until a woman is 21 years old. However, if a teenager is sexually active, has irregular periods, or symptoms consistent with pelvic inflammatory disease, or a sexually transmitted disease, she should be evaluated by a gynecologist experienced in these matters.

Are Adolescent Gynecology Appointments the Same as Those for Adults?

When an adolescent woman visits The Women’s Health Center, her doctor will perform some of the same measurements and tests that adult women have during their annual well woman exam, such as taking her weight and blood pressure and asking questions about her lifestyle. The doctor may also perform a pelvic exam, where she looks at and feel the outside and inside of the vagina to check for any abnormalities. Adolescents can have a parent, sibling or friend in the room with them during the exam.  

What Kinds of Questions Can Young Patients Ask?

The doctors at The Women’s Health Center want their young patients to feel empowered and in control of their own bodies. The doctor will answer questions and provide advice on a number of topics including periods, bodily changes, and how to care for her body to help her young patient to feel comfortable and confident. The doctor can also talk about sexual health concerns such as birth control, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. The patient can ask questions about any other health related issues like acne, weight management, and the emotional and physical changes associated with puberty.

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