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Ovarian Cancer Screening Specialist

The doctors at The Women’s Health Center in Fountain Valley, California offer ovarian cancer screening services to women from Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Ovarian Cancer Screening Q & A

The Women's Health Center

What Is Ovarian Cancer Screening?

Ovarian cancer tends to not produce any symptoms in early stages and can remain undetected because of this. If a woman has a genetic history of ovarian cancer, regular screenings are paramount to continued health. Exams to detect ovarian cancer include a thorough history of any new pelvic symptoms, a pelvic exam which can allow a medical provider to manually feel lumps in the ovaries, and possibly a pelvic ultrasound which can visualize the ovaries and look for abnormalities.  A blood test to detect a cancer antigen which is produced when ovarian cancer is present is sometimes ordered, and an MRI exam can also help to detect if cancer has spread.

What Are Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer include pelvic pain, unexplained bloating, difficulty eating, frequent urination, and pressure to the pelvic area. These symptoms may not always be present or be as severe in all women. If they persist, please contact a medical provider. Additionally, these symptoms may provide a pattern that would warrant a call to a medical provider. If these symptoms begin suddenly, persist daily and do not reduce in severity or frequency, or they differ from a normal experience of menstruation or digestion, please call for an appointment to be evaluated. As always, early detection is key to treating most cancers and a medical provider will be better equipped to reduce a cancer threat with regular screenings.

How Is Ovarian Cancer Treated?

Based on the severity of the cancer progression, multiple interventions can be implemented. Surgery, either mildly invasive or moderately invasive is the first line of defense. These can include a removal of the ovaries or just one of the affected ovaries. Radiation can be performed on the site of the cancer to reduce the level of growth. If cancer is too severe, chemotherapy can be implemented to reduce the spread of the disease. Speak with your medical provider to determine the best action to cancer prevention.

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