Sarah Deming

Sarah Deming is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) that provides holistic patient-centered care focusing on both mind and body to allow for complete medical care for her patients at the Women’s Health Center.  She respects patients’ rights and encourages them to engage in their own care by empowering through education.  She provides care including annual well women exams, prenatal visits, family planning, contraceptive counseling, preventative care, and education.


Although she was born in Orange County, Sarah grew up in Colorado where she began her medical career volunteering at the local hospital at an early age.  After moving back to California to attend college, she received her undergraduate degree at Stanbridge University.  During that time Sarah worked as a CNA at Kaiser Irvine.  She also volunteered on a medical mission to Haiti to address women’s health as well as other medical care. After finishing her nursing degree, she worked as an RN at a high-risk OBGYN office and then transitioned to the hospital and worked in Postpartum and Labor & Delivery. While working, Sarah completed her Master’s in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Certification in Women’s Health.


Through her education and experience, Sarah developed a passion for women’s health and encouraging women to be proactive in their own self-care. When Sarah is not researching and practicing women’s health, you will find her enjoying all types of sports, including volleyball, tennis, and practicing yoga.  She also enjoys her time off by hiking and relaxing at the beach.

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